Different types of bees

There are many different types of bees, in fact just under 20,000 know species. They can be found on every continent except Antartcia. Bees feed on nectar and pollen for both energy and protein and nutrients. Bees are equipped with a long tongue they use to extract nectar from flowers. Bees have two pairs of wings, with the rear wings the smaller of the pairs, some bees have wings that are so small flying is actually very difficult or impossible.

Amongst the many types of bees we have the largest species, the megachile Pluto, this type of bee can grow to almost 40mm, whereas the smallest type of bee is the dwarf bee at a mere 2.1mm. The most well knows type of bee is the western honey bee, as you would imagine this type of bee produces honey along with a few other types, its these bees that humans tend to farm for honey.

Whilst bees go about their daily feeding routine they actually play an important but secondary role (to them) in that they pollinate flowing plants, this role cannot be underestimated at around 30% of human food sources rely on pollination most of which is done by bees.

Moving from flower to flower can be a dangerous job for a bee, there are many predators looking to feed on the bee, these include a variety of bugs and spiders that hide in the flowers ready to capture their prey. The very act of flying is also a hazardous task as birds can pluck the bee right out of the sky.